A Passion for horses.

A Passion for horses

The Stud Farm

The pure bred Spanish horses here are trained in conventional dressage, doma vaquera (for handling fighting bulls), and also in driving.

In order to achieve the best results, these beautiful animals are bred using the main bloodlines from the Military Stud Farm and  the Hierro del Bocado Cartuja Stud.

We have a qualified team to train these horses with both indoor and outdoor practice rings.

carruaje de epoca

Exhibition of over 20 period carriages

Guests can visit the exhibition and admire the meticulously restored and beautifully preserved 19th century carriages.  These carriages are still used on special occasions.

The Harness Room

The tack room, which is located just next to the Event Reception Room, is perfectly fitted out, and contains some outstanding and unique pieces, such as saddles, spurs, and typical Spanish and Andalusian bridle adornments, all part of our private collection